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With our innovative technologies, we help our customers to reduce their industrial emissions and make an important contribution to safety and environmental protection. This way, our technologies help to enhance sustainability in industrial operations and maintenance.

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Our mission: lower emissions

Too often, hazardous gases and substances that are created in many industrial processes are simply emitted into the air, harming both people and the environment. With our solutions for mobile degassing and emission reduction, we help to improve health and environmental protection. We reduce hazardous industrial emissions and thus contribute to the safety of people and industrial plants as well as to decarbonization. Innovative processes are of great importance for us, thus we are constantly expanding our technologies and their fields of application. 


All in one package

Our services for mobile degassing and emission reduction

We help industrial companies to reduce their harmful emissions and are offering innovative and efficient technologies that comply with all applicable regulations. Our services can also be combined so that our customers benefit from our comprehensive portfolio of efficient emission reduction services. Thus, companies can manage their carbon footprint in a compact way.

Mobile degassing

With our mobile and flexible vapor combustion units, we offer the degassing of tanks, pipelines, ships and other components. Our combustion units can also serve as back-up for Vapor Recovery Units (VRU).

Nitrogen Services

Our fleet of mobile vaporizers with nitrogen tanks enables the safe and flexible handling of components filled with highly flammable substances such as LNG or aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons.

ATEX Zone 0 Robot

We also rent out the remote-controlled ATEX Zone 0 robot. It enables the cleaning of industrial tanks from a safe distance and thus guarantees the safety of everyone involved.

ATEX Zone 0 Blower

Furthermore, we have the mobile ATEX Zone 0 blowers that can be used to safely extract vapors from systems, tanks, containers, trailers and many other components.

What we offer

Innovative and sustainable technologies

Our services for mobile degassing and emission treatment are environmentally-friendly and efficient. With our broad portfolio of technologies, we are your reliable partner for reducing industrial emissions and your carbon footprint. During our work, the processes in industrial facilities can continue undisturbed or with only minimal interruptions.

Mobile vapor combustion chambers

Our vapor combustion units (VCU) burn all types of gases, gas mixtures and vapors of the explosion groups IIA, IIB and IIC with an efficiency of more than 99.99 % and without an open flame.

Mobile vaporizer with nitrogen tank

With our mobile nitrogen vaporizer, we can purge, inert and flush systems and systems components that are flled with flammable and explosive liquids and gases.

Remote-controlled robot for tank cleaning

The ATEX Zone 0 Robot ensures greater safety during the cleaning of industrial tanks.

ATEX Zone 0 Blower with equipment

In addition to our mobile blower that is certified for use in the ATEX Zone 0, we also offer the necessary additional equipment such as piping or liquid separators.

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Our locations

With offices in five countries – Germany, France, the Netherlands, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia -, we can make our innovative technologies available to numerous customers in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

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Our industry focus

We offer our innovative services and technologies for mobile degassing, exhaust gas treatment and emission reduction for a wide range of industries. These include the energy market, the oil, fertilizer and food industry as well as shipping and logistics. Here, you can find an overview of our industry focus areas (in %).

Our advantages in mobile emission reduction

Our systems for mobile emission treatment can be used extremely flexibly with short installation and execution times and are operated by our highly qualified staff. This saves you time and money and means that you don’t have to interrupt your business operations.

Continous support

From the initial consultation to the offer, project preparation and implementation through to pre-care and aftercare: we are there for you – as a professional provider and experienced consultant.

Independent operation

Our mobile systems are equipped with everything that is necessary. We take care of the technical operations of the systems. You as the customer only support us in the preparation of the project.

Minimal impact

Our processes can be carried out flexibly and extremely efficiently. Your day-to-day workflows can continue undisturbed or with only minimal interference on daily operations.

Sustainable and legally compliant

Our processes are certified after ISO 9001, 45001 and 14001 and our systems are patented. We comply with applicable laws and health regulations and adhere to all relevant safety regulations.

Calculable and transparent

We stick to our agreements. Whether it’s measurement forecasts, quotations or the implementation of the project – you won’t experience any surprises, neither in terms of the process nor the costs.

Innovation orientation

As one of the most innovative medium-sized German companies in this sector, we are constantly developing our technologies in order to be able to respond reliably to new challenges.

Who we help

Individual services for all markets

We support customers from various industries in reducing their emissions and contributing to an improved climate protection. Whether it is refineries, tank farms, ports or customers from industries such as oil, gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, shipping, logistics or infrastructure and service – we help with our flexible technologies for all applications!

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